Doug Howard Building CO., LLC


Why should you build new instead of buying an existing home?

1. Design Center - Put your own personal touches on your new home through our In House Design Center. Such as paint colors, cabinets, 

    counter tops, flooring, fixtures and so much more.    

2. Pick A Floor Plan - Choose a floor plan that fits your lifestyle and something that you can grow with.

3. Easier Maintenance - Building new is easier upkeep than on some older homes. You also avoid any toxic materials that might be in an

    existing older home. With the low maintenance materials we use now it lets you enjoy your home, instead of working on it.

4. Appreciation - New construction homes may appreciate more quickly in value.

5. Warranty - New homes come with a builder warranty. Roofing, appliances and other home items are covered by the supplier.

6. Energy Costs - High tech and green building materials, energy efficient appliances, all this can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Need more convincing? Just call us and we can explain the whole process.